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The Advantages Of Die Casting Parts

Die casting is a type of metal forming in which non-ferrous metal melted at a high temperature is poured into a die or mold at high speed and under high pressure in order to achieve the desired shape. With this process, manufacturers can create many different types of components in terms of size, geometry, features, and materials.

Die casting services tend to cost more than other manufacturing methods, due to the upkeep of the equipment and the need for well-designed dies that match the requirements of the product. However, die casting can achieve part geometries at tight tolerances that other manufacturing methods cannot. There are many other advantages to choosing die casting as well!

Dimensional Accuracy

Die casting is best known for the ability to produce metal components with some of the highest dimensional accuracies. Die cast parts are also known for their durability, as the process forms a strong, crystalline structure under the high pressure conditions. This results in high strength and hardness, as well as improved conductivity. Die casting is a perfect choice for vital internal components of machines that require high standards of precision, as well as long lifecycles.

Complex Structures

One of the biggest advantages that die casting has over other manufacturing processes is the ability to manufacture thin-walled products with many different features and complicated geometries. These components can be made economically and efficiently, even at high production volumes. Aluminum alloy components can be die cast with a thickness as low as 1.0mm and zinc components can be cast with an even lower wall thickness.

Quality Surface Finish

Another benefit of die cast parts are their smooth, consistent surface finishes. Due to the nature of die casting, finished components come out of the dies smooth, and often ready for operation if no other surface finishes are required. This also means that they require little to no machining after the die casting process is complete. Once the parts are die-cast, they can be shipped off for delivery, reducing the total cycle production time.

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