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Selecting the Right Die Casting Manufacturer

Die-casting is a widely used metal fabrication process that is used to manufacture products for a variety of industries. Choosing the right supplier of die-casting services will save you money and production time, while ensuring that you will receive the products you need.

To start the selection process, you’ll need to do some research into the many manufacturers of high pressure die-castings, keeping in mind the following factors.


Die-casting is commonly used to produce uniform components in large quantities, especially intricate and complicated geometries. Most often, die-casting manufacturers will specialize in producing large volumes of components for a few specific industries. This results in using specific types of die casting and working with certain materials. You’ll want to ensure that your project needs will correspond well with the shop’s die-casting capabilities. If you are in an industry such as Aerospace or Medical Equipment, ensure that the shop is certified to manufacture components for those industries.

Also, while you are looking for shops whose capabilities line up well with your project’s needs, consider things such as the location of the shop–a closer location to you often translates to swifter and cheaper delivery.


Once you have narrowed your options to a few that you think will fit your project and your budget, contact the die-casting manufacturers and discuss your project with them. Contacting them directly will give you a good idea of what their service is like and what the shop is capable of, as well as allow you to get an expert’s feedback on your project.


Tooling cost is one of the main concerns when it comes to die casting. If your product is not standard, then look at the shop’s ability to accept tool transfers or get new tooling, and how much that will cost. This is part of the design of your part as well and why communicating with the shops of your choice is so important.

Other things to keep in mind

Consider the cost of their services, as well as the cost of choosing a shop that cannot provide you with the level of quality you need. Finding a balance between cost and quality is important. More often than not, cheaper upfront costs often lead to lower quality products, production delays, and low-quality service, all of which can be far more expensive in the long run.

Also, look at how long the company has been in business. A die-casting manufacturer that has been in business for decades will not only have extensive experience and capabilities, as well as more stability overall.

Looking for a die-casting manufacturer?

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