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Equipment List

All of our equipment is well-maintained and up-to-date, and our team is experienced and regularly trained on how to operate it correctly and safely. Check out the full list of our equipment below

CNC Machining Department consists of:

  • 6 CNC Turning Machines
  • 16 CNC Machining Centers

Aluminum Die Casting consists of:

  • 14 cold chamber die casting machines range up to 1600 Tons
  • Zinc Die Casting consists of:
  • 4 Hot chamber Die casting machines (ranging from 225 tons to 600 tons)

Quality Department consists of:

  • Radiography Machine
    • X-Ray Nicolet NXR 1400
  • Pressure testing Machines
    • Cosmo LS-1841N
    • Cosmo LS-1842
  • Spectroscopy Machine (Optical Emission Spectroscopy)
    • Spectrometer (Bruker Q8)
      Optical Comparator (Mitutoyo PH-A14)
  • Comparative Strength Testing Machine
  • Metrology Machine
    • CMM (Wenzel LH87)
    • CMM (Wenzel Smart 10.4.4)
Cast-Rite Corporation
Die Casting Department