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Quality isn’t just skin deep

At Cast-Rite Corporation, we are not satisfied by superficial conformity in our die-cast parts. We take extra steps to ensure that they are structurally sound as well. One of those steps is using radiography to check the quality of our products.

Radiography is a common imaging technique that uses ionizing radiation to view the internal form of an object. At CRC, we use it to check our parts for porosity or other flaws after the die-casting process is complete.

Our X-ray machine works by pointing a beam of X-rays at the part that we want to inspect, with a detector lined up at the other side. The detector records the number of X-rays that pass through the material, and creates a map of the inside of the product. The spots where more X-rays pass through can then be used to indicate places of less thickness in the product, or areas where there may be a crack, flaw, or pocket of air.

By using our X-ray machine, we are able to examine the part internally thus making sure that porosity is not found in the vulnerable areas of your products.