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Pressure Testing
Preventing air leaks

Porosity is the presence of small pockets of air that may develop in the metal during the casting process. While there is an accepted level of porosity, anything above that can affect the integrity of the part, and the entire product it’s meant to be connected to.

Ensuring that die castings are air-tight and well below that accepted level of porosity has always been a problem for ordinary die casters. Leaking castings are considered the ‘Achilles heel’ of the die-casting industry.

Leaky castings are not a problem for Cast-Rite. Our commitment to fabricating pressure-tight castings, consistently and efficiently, has led us to become a forerunner in this field. We have a range of specialized equipment that can evaluate the degree of leakage in our castings.

Using these instruments, we can not only measure air leakage, but we can also ensure that all of our die castings are pressure tight.