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The science of measurement

Measuring our products and castings is important. There are a number of qualities that need to be properly assessed when it comes to die castings. To ensure the consistency and quality of our products, we utilize a wide range of measuring tools at every stage of our production. We also make sure all of our equipment is calibrated before using it.

Our measuring equipment

We are one of the few companies that have a dedicated Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for our die-casting department as well as our machining department. Many of the castings made in our die-casting department go through an extensive measurement procedure on our CMM so that we know all dimensions are accurate. This attention to quality at every step of the project helps us meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our other measuring equipment consists of:

Type of EquipmentMake/Model
CMMWenzel LH87
CMMWenzel Smart 10.4.4
X-RayNicolet NXR 1400
SpectrometerBruker Q8
Optical ComparatorMitutoyo PH-A14