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Zinc Die Casting

At Cast-Rite, we manufacture metal parts for various applications using zinc die casting. Zinc is one of the most versatile metals in die casting and one of the strongest for die-cast parts, making it an excellent and cost-effective choice for many industries.

Why is zinc such a good fit for Die Casting?

Zinc has a lower melting temperature than other commonly used metals in die casting, meaning it can be cast much more quickly and efficiently. Also, the dies used to cast zinc parts can last up to ten times longer than dies for aluminum. As a result of this property, zinc die-casting alloys are considered the most straightforward alloys to cast.

Zinc die casting even promotes a longer tool life than aluminum and magnesium alloys. This attribute, combined with the efficiency of its melting point, makes zinc die-cast parts very economical to produce.

The zinc die-casting process enables us to produce quality parts to net shape or near net shape specifications. Another advantage of die casting zinc is that it can compose parts with incredibly complex geometries, thinner walls, and less draft angle than die casting with other metals. And these delicate or complex parts (or both!) are still stronger and more durable than parts made from other commonly cast metals. Furthermore, zinc die castings are easily machined for high-precision requirements.

Zinc also has better vibration-dampening capacity when compared to aluminum, and a much wider range of finishing options than other die-casting metals, such as electroplating, conventional painting, and powder coating. And finally, thanks to its low melting temperature, zinc die-cast parts can be produced quickly and efficiently without sacrificing any of the qualities above.

Some of the industries that commonly use zinc die-cast parts include:

  • Connectors
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Power Tools
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computing

Zinc Die Casting at Cast-Rite

Our zinc die-casting equipment consists of:

  • 4 hot chamber die-casting machines ranging from 225 tons to 600 tons of locking pressure.
Cast-Rite Corporation

Zinc Alloys that we work with:

  • Zamak 3
  • Zamak 5
  • ZA-8

To find out more about different alloys and their properties please download the NADCA alloy data sheet below:


Cast-Rite Corporation is your one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. From  diecasting to CNC machining, we can make products for various industries. Our services include aluminum and zinc die casting, a range of CNC milling and turning, and several different surface finishes to ensure your parts are ready to be used when they leave our shop. We are committed to producing quality parts for a wide variety of different industries.