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Cast-Rite ManufacturingA one-stop job shop for all your die-casting needs

Tired of outsourcing to multiple different vendors just to make one part? Here at Cast-Rite, we are one of the few suppliers in the USA who offer a one-stop solution for your die casting needs, no matter the industry you work in. From the initial concept and engineering drawings, all the way to the delivery of fully-functional parts, we make your product a reality.

Cast-Rite’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Cast-Rite’s team has years of experience in high-pressure die-casting, for both zinc and aluminum. We have 14 cold-chamber, die-casting machines for aluminum parts, and 4 hot-chamber die-casting machines for zinc parts.

Have more complex jobs for us? Our CNC machining facility is state-of-the-art, ranging from 2-axis CNC lathes to 5-axis vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine centers. And, over the years, we’ve refined the art of producing high-volumes of products efficiently by implementing multi-spindle machining.

We also have the equipment to perform a number of different surface finishes to ensure that your products are durable and long-lived. Some of those surface finishes include chem film, powder coatings, vibratory deburring, and more!

Manufacturing Capabilities

automotive crank case

Die Casting

Die Casting is our specialty. Our knowledge in this process to make castings that are pressure tight without the need of impregnation, and allows us to continue to pave the way for innovation in die casting.

Aluminum Metal

Aluminum Die Casting

We have extensive experience in Aluminum die casting, the most common alloy used today. Our aluminum die-cast parts have been used to serve many different industries.

Zinc Die Casting Image

Zinc Die Casting

CRC’s die-casting experience doesn’t just stop at aluminum. We also have the capability and expertise to manufacture zinc alloys as well. Zinc die-cast parts generally have a longer tool life, which makes these parts very economical to produce.

CNC Machining Image

CNC Machining

Our state of the art CNC machining facilities contain a wide range of vertical, horizontal, and multi-axis machines for various jobs and requirements.

CNC Machining

Multi-Spindle Machining

Our ability to customize machining processes to suit each part we make is one of the greatest assets that we can offer to customers. No matter how complicated the design may be, our team has the ingenuity and experience to provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Surface Finishing - Powder Coating

Surface Finishing

If your parts need a finishing touch, we have the right tools for you! We have years of experience in dealing with a variety of surface finishings.

Cast-Rite Corporation

Quality Commitment

With Cast-Rite, you can be sure that we will produce your parts accurately. Our expertise in index and shuttle equipment ensures the repeatability and efficiency of our machining processes, creating better parts at better value for our customers.

In over seventy years of providing quality parts to our customers, our team’s dedication has allowed us to expand our customer base to a wide spectrum of military, electronics, and commercial applications.

See how we can help you! Contact us today at (310) 532-2080 or email us at contact image.