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Careers at CRC

Trim Press Operator

Responsibility:  Operate a trim press for removing die casting gates and runners and visually inspect castings.

Reports To:  Trim Press Lead


  • Set trim die in the machine and secure and/or align as required.
  • Perform required trim press operations.
  • Operate trim press according to standard operating procedures and safe operating standards.
  • Visually check the quality of parts produced.
  • Make minor adjustments to equipment to insure quality and maintain set-up.
  • Visually check work at specified intervals.
  • Keep die free of flash and trimmed metal.
  • Oil die and equipment to maintain quality.
  • Discard obvious scrap.
  • May also be required to hand grind, file or buff die castings; position die castings for secondary operations; pack.

Requirements:  Ability to read and understand English