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Careers at CRC

Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspector

Department: Quality Assurance

Reports to: Cast-Rite Corporation Quality Director/Quality Manager

Major Purpose of Position

This quality control position entails the use of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for precision measurement requirements and the dimensional inspection of some die castings and all CNC-machined die castings. The CMM inspector should possess a good working knowledge of the Open DMIS™ program and product-acceptance software.

The CMM inspector has the following responsibilities: monitoring environmental controls, machine process parameters, machined inspection fixtures and customer applied specifications for product conformity validation. Manufacturing management has the responsibility to provide an inspection-ready product for first part check and production run approval to the CMM inspector.

Job Functions

The Cast-Rite CMM inspector is responsible for ensuring that the following activities have been performed prior to dispatch of the production lot to the next manufacturing operation.

  • The CMM inspector will review of IDS manufacturing documentation and performance to the requirements as stated in the IDS CNC Machine and In-Process inspection operation along with ensuring that the correct quality records are being initiated, (e.g., First Article Inspection Record (FAI), IDS, sample inspection plan (may be stated on the IDS), industry or customer specific process specifications record requirements, Cast-Rite work instructions, intranet visual.)
  • Support in-process inspection and tool inspection through the application of standard set-up’s and the CMM.
  • Support all product lines with good, working knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing application, (i.e., ASME Y14.5-1994) or equivalent standards.
  • Identify the principal differences between CMM and traditional measurement methods, and how best to use the CMM to tackle each type of GD&T callout.
  • The CMM inspector needs to be familiar with the methodology for the CNC work environment, CNC machine products, CAD, digital design products, and model based definition.
  • The CMM inspector will provide support in bottleneck areas as identified by quality management.
  • The CMM inspector will, after review of the inspection operation, ensure all documents required for establishing the conformance of the product have been retrieved and are adequately documented as prescribed by the quality management system for incorporation into the Cast-Rite closed quality records files.
  • The CMM inspector will ensure that an inspection stamp for acceptance or rejection of a product is affixed to IDS documentation, CMM readouts, and inspection media documentation.
  • Should the CMM inspector detect non-conformity on the first part check, or any subsequent part sampled during the production run, the machine operator and manufacturing management will be immediately notified to suspend operations for production until the source of non-conformity has been corrected.
  • The CMM inspector will perform, as required, all necessary activities to inspect and validate as specified within an external/internal corrective action plan or part specific improvement plan the effectiveness of such improvement action.
  • The CMM inspector will be required to communicate to the quality manager, tool design engineer, and manufacturing management any issues causing non-conformity as soon as it becomes known and document this activity as required by the Cast-Rite quality management system and on the appropriate Cast-Rite forms.
  • The CMM inspector will ensure all quality records and documents are safeguarded against damage, product quantity is validated by manufacturing and records are legible before dispatch to the next operation or closed quality record files.
  • The CMM inspector must be capable of maintaining an organized work area, ensuring all inspection media is calibrated, protected against damage, and valid for use in product conformity and that they are in correlation of all documents used as objective evidence for acceptance of product conformity are made available for final review and submission to the Cast-Rite quality record files.
  • Assist the Quality Director or Quality Manager on an as-required basis in the collection of data used for process and product analysis.
  • Bring to the attention of the Quality Manager or Director any activity believed to be non value added or redundant in the perpetuation of product quality.
  • The CMM inspector will base production lot acceptance on its conformance to engineering design and process requirements, as well as on 100% acceptance validation of the random selection of product for sampling. If any defect is detected in the samples, dispatch of product will not be permitted until the failed feature has been 100% inspected for its engineering design requirements.

Additional Job Requirements


  • Written: Using all quality management system developed forms stated within the manufacturing documentation.
  • Oral: Must be able to clearly communicate the contents of all inspection media (e.g., drawings, IDS’s, specifications etc.) used in the performance of inspection.


  • Must be capable of creating a positive work environment. Minimal supervision and self starter is a plus for this position.
  • Be an effective Team Player and supporter.

Principle Challenges

  • To support the process flow and optimization as it relates to Cast-Rite Quality Control and as prescribed by the Cast-Rite Corporation Quality Management System.
  • Use of good judgment and common sense throughout the product conformance process.
  • To mentor process ownership to peers and subordinates through the sharing of knowledge.
  • Always attack the process, and never people.
  • Mentor personnel in problem-solving and team-building during problem resolution process
  • Be a part of the solution and not the problem.
  • Display patience when addressing problem resolution processes within the daily work environment.
  • Must be a team player at all times.
  • Assist management in the identification of continuous improvement opportunities.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Must be knowledgeable on CNC manufacturing process and quality conformance requirements.
  • Must have an understanding of technical issues as they relate to a machine shop process along with the ability to read and interpret technical information such as procedures and specifications.
  • Is required to interpret engineering drawings and engineering bills of materials or part lists.
  • Be required to understand engineering flag-notes and engineering notes requirements and how they are applied in an inspection process.
  • Have the ability to apply engineering dimensioning to inspection set-up requirements.
  • Demonstrate through application the usage of basic inspection instruments (height gage, dial indicator, calipers, micrometer, pin gages, thread gages etc.).
  • Record and produce legible quality records.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to lift and/or push up to 35 pounds and able to stand for long period of time.

Safety Requirements

  • Compliance with safety standards and policies will be graded as part of this job performance.


  • Regular attendance is an essential function of this assignment.

Education Requirement

  • Four year college or university program certificate: two to four years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.