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Our CAD/CAM Capabilities

If you’ve been in manufacturing and/or engineering in recent decades, then you probably know about CAD and CAM software already. But if you’re new or in need of a quick refresher, we’ve got an overview of all the software that we use in our workshop.

What is CAD/CAM software?

Despite sounding similar, CAD and CAM are two very different types of computer software. They are not interchangeable terms, though they are very closely related.

CAD, or Computer-Aided Design (or Drafting) refers to software used to design or modify a digital model of a part or component. CAM, or Computer-Aided Manufacturing is the software that controls the machines and equipment used to actually produce those parts. In other words, CAM makes the products of CAD software a reality.

The importance of CAD

CAD software has been a very important upgrade from outdated manual draftings. Industrial designers can use CAD to create accurate, precise, and complete 3D models of whatever the finished product will be. Used correctly, CAD can save time and money, and offers nearly limitless possibilities for design.

Not only that, but the computer files are safely stored and can be shared without limit, whereas physical models might get lost or damaged.

However, just having an advanced method of designing and modeling components is not the end of our computerized capabilities. Now that the part is modeled, it’s time to manufacture it.

In comes CAM software

CAM software controls the machinery that produces parts, optimizing the overall manufacturing process to produce consistent, accurate components. It’s most commonly used with CNC (computer numerical control) machining centers, but its usefulness has expanded to encompass many different types of equipment.

CAM systems can easily translate digital models created using CAD software into detailed instructions for the machine to follow. Overall, CAM is a much more efficient way to manufacture products, reducing labor costs as well as production time and costs.

Cast-Rite Corporation


At CRC, we have an extensive range of CAD/CAM softwares to ensure compatibility with your files to serve our customers better. That software includes:

You can go to each site to learn more about the specific software that these companies offer. We are proud to use their excellent programs in our manufacturing and designing processes.


Our engineering team is vital to our process. They perform the necessary operations to ensure that the die casting process will be cost effective for you, and produce the best possible products.

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