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Engineering at CRC

Converting concepts into parts

Our engineering team is the backbone of our company’s success. From the initial stage of design to the final, finished goods, our engineers and trusted mold and tooling suppliers work together to provide the best tools and fixtures required for each job.

For every new project, our engineers perform producibility studies which help us determine the production output and possible losses. This critical step will greatly assist you to design parts that not only meet your product design criteria, but are cost-effective to manufacture as well.

engineering design cad cam

The right tooling designs are important

Tooling design flaws can be extremely costly once the dies are completed. By utilizing the latest 3D flow analysis software, we are able to pinpoint problems before the completion of the dies. Our team’s ability to predict the outcome of the tooling design is crucial, as it allows for the optimization of the runner and gating design. We are also able to simulate the operating temperature of the dies during normal production. This is a key factor of producing longer lasting dies and yielding higher production rates.

Our experts in the tool shop will also create the most suitable fixtures for the high precision machining processes as well as measuring, if required. We utilize multiple types of CAD/CAM software to not only ensure compatibility with your files, but also to make sure that we have the best software available.

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CRC is here for you

CRC is committed to quality, and we have a dedicated team of Quality Personnel to prove it. We know how important it is to have the right tools and the right software for each job. Our amazing team is well-trained and ready to take on your die-casting needs.

If you’re ready to get a quote, or if you’d like more information, then call us at (310) 532-2080, or email us at to learn more about what CRC can do for you.