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CRC: Cast-Rite CorporationThe Leading Provider of Die-Casting Parts for over 70 years

We are proud to be an American Manufacturer

We know that sourcing your parts from other countries is not always cost-effective. That’s why Cast-Rite is proud to provide our customers with the best quality for their money right here in the United States of America. We are confident in our ingenuity and our dedication to quality. As a result, we remain competitive both nationally and globally in a time when most products are made abroad.

If you need high-quality die castings, then contact Cast-Rite today. With our combined expertise, knowledge, and extensive quality control, we guarantee consistent delivery of quality products.

Cast-Rite Corporation

Cast-Rite is more than just a die-casting company

Our speciality might be die castings, but from prototype to finished parts, we have the capabilities and resources to provide you with a turn-key solution.

Manufacturing Capabilities

automotive crank case

Die Casting

Die Casting is our specialty. Cast-Rite continues to pave the way for innovation in die casting. Our knowledge in this process allows us to make castings that are pressure tight without the need of impregnation.

Aluminum Metal

Aluminum Die Casting

We have extensive experience in Aluminum die casting, the most common alloy used today. Our aluminum die-cast parts serve many different industries.

Zinc Die Casting Image

Zinc Die Casting

Cast-Rite’s die-casting experience doesn’t just stop at aluminum. We also have the capability and expertise to manufacture zinc alloys as well. Zinc die-cast parts generally have a longer tool life, which makes these parts very economical to produce.

CNC Machining Image

CNC Machining

Our state of the art CNC machining facilities contain a wide range of vertical, horizontal, and multi-axis machines for various jobs and requirements.

CNC Machining

Multi-Spindle Machining

Our ability to customize machining processes to suit each part we make is one of our greatest assets that we can offer to customers. No matter how complicated the parts may be, our team has the ingenuity and experience to provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Surface Finishing - Powder Coating

Surface Finishing

If your parts need a finishing touch, then we have the right tools for you! We have years of experience in dealing with a variety of surface finishings.

we serve

Cast-Rite Corporation can and has served a number of companies, providing parts for customers in Aerospace, Industrial Machinery, and Defense. Large or small, cast from zinc or aluminum, Cast-Rite brings a history of quality and reliability to your products. From die casting to CNC machining, we bring a number of industry-leading manufacturing services to these three industries.

Aerospace Industry Image

Aerospace Components

Precision is vital in even the smallest components made for Aerospace applications. Even the smallest inaccuracies can be devastating for the function of the larger machine. That’s why Cast-Rite puts so much effort into ensuring the quality of the products that we make for Aerospace companies.


Industrial Machinery

Parts for Industrial equipment and machinery must not only be precise, but also durable and long-lived even under rigorous use. Cast-Rite has years of experience in manufacturing parts such as engine components, gas valves, and control housings for our customers in Industrial equipment.

Military Service Image


When it comes to the Defense industry, there is no room for error. The products that we manufacture are no different. From communication equipment to munitions, the team at Cast-Rite is experienced and equipped to make a number of components for our customers in the Defense industry.

Engineering Capabilities

3D Render Design CAD Image


We have a range of computer-aided design and manufacturing softwares to ensure compatibility with your files.

Zinc Die Casting Image

Die Casting Product Design

Designing products for die casting can be tricky, especially in the case of products that have aesthetic and mechanical requirements. We can help you with that process.

Committed to Quality

Cast-Rite Corporation in Gardena, California is certified to AS9100D by NSF-ISR for the manufacture of complex die castings, precision high-volume machining, and assembly. So you can be sure that your parts are in good hands. Our dedicated quality service team will always ensure that your standards are met, and are trained continuously so that they have the necessary skills and expertise to excel at their job. No product will leave our facility without first going through rigorous quality control so that we can guarantee your products will meet your expectations.

Proudly Made in the USA for Over 70 years